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Shamballa Bracelet Rose Quartz

Shamballa Bracelet Rose Quartz

Shamballa Bracelet Rose Quartz

Stone Information

Rose Quartz: I am Loved also associated with Reducing Stress, Self Confidence, Forgiveness, and Easing Sadness.

Gemstones have many different meanings in recorded history. Every civilization had its own definition, they have been used to inspire and uplift. In these early days of human culture, gemstones took on symbolic "power" meanings for both royalty and common alike. Some were associated with good health, healing, prosperity and protection, to name just a few. Whether you accept these meanings or not is up to you.

10mm Shamballa Bracelet Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a beautiful pink variety of the mineral Quartz. The colour is thought to be due to traces of Manganese within the crystals. Rose Quartz usually occurs in massive form with crystals being very rare.

It is said to be good for the treatment of migraines and headaches.

Rose Quartz famously comes from Madagascar.

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