Gemstone Types

Gemstone Types

There is a rainbow of colours and styles available in our huge gemstone range, from the polished shine finish of onyx and fluorite, to the natural crystal beauty of amethyst and agate.

You can choose your gemstones exactly as they were first discovered, in magnificent geodes and crystal chunks, or you can let us bring out their deeper beauty through cutting, tumbling and polishing.

From a small keepsake for someone special to a souvenir of your visit, from a unique lamp to a stunning sideboard centrepiece, we’ve got gemstones in all shapes and sizes to suit all budgets.

Click on each gemstone type to learn more about the mysteries of its origins.

Agate Agate
Amethyst Amethyst
Carnelian Carnelian
Fluorite Fluorite
Himalayan Salt Himalayan Salt
Obsidian Obsidian
Rose Quartz Rose Quartz
Selenite Selenite
Soapstone Soapstone
Tiger Eye Tiger Eye