Cotham Marble Natural Works Of Art UK 10-13cm

Cotham Marble Natural Works Of Art UK 10-13cm

Cotham Marble Slice 10-13cm

Fossil Information

Cotham Marble or Landscape Marble is a variety of Rhaetian stromatolitic limestone from the Penarth Group, commonly found in south Wales and southwestern England in the area around Bristol, possibly extending to the south coast in east Devon.

It is named after Cotham House in Cotham, Bristol.

This limestone was used for ornamental purposes, particularly during the Victorian era. On cut and polished faces the stone has the appearance of a landscape, complete with ploughed fields, trees and hedges.

Selection: Natural shape of sculpture may vary to the image shown.

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What is a Fossil?

They are the preserved remains or traces of animals plants and other organisms from the remote past. A fossil normally preserves only a portion of the deceased organism usually that portion that was partially mineralised during life such as the bones and teeth of vertebrates or the chitinous exoskeletons of invertebrates.

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