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Chakra Balancing Stones

Chakra Balancing Stones


Stone Information

Seven tumblestones are included in this pack making up the Chakra balancing stones.

The stone types are: Base Chakra (Root): Red Jasper, Sacral Chakra (Spleen): Carnelian, Solar Plexus Chakra: Citrine, Heart Chakra: Green Aventurine, Thorat (Thyoid): Blue Chalcedony, Third Eye Chakra (Brow): Sodalite, Crown Chakra: Amethyst

The colour of the information card within each wallet may vary.

The chakras are seven 'energy centres' used in many healing systems, primarily in Hinduism and Ayurvedic medicine.

Each chakra is linked to a region of the body and specific energies.

One can focus on the chakras during meditation and it is believed that balancing and aligning the chakras can heal the physical and spiritual self.

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