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Amethyst Wire Wrapped 28" Necklace - Silver Plated

Amethyst Wire Wrapped 28" Necklace - Silver Plated


Stone Information

Spoil yourself with this gorgeous 28" wire wrapped silver plated Amethyst necklace, its perfect to wear over the top of a turtle neck jumper or on the inside of an open neck blouse.

Messages from Mother Earth – "peace of mind with me you will find"

A natural stress buster!! Amethyst purifies out-dated mental and emotional programming. It recconects you to your own unique inner wisdom, endorsing insightful new ideas that will inspire and enlighten you to a happier, healthier more fulfilling lifestyle.

Amethyst is a lilac to purple variety of the mineral Quartz. It forms beautiful crystals inside volcanic lava bubbles known as geodes.

Due to it's beautiful colour Amethyst is one of the most popular gemstones. The ancient Greeks believed Amethyst prevented drunkenness.

Amethyst is thought to soothe and calm the mind, raise the spirit and protect against negative vibrations.

Commonly from Brazil.

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